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Sewing Circle Superstar Derrick Charleston performing at Festival Sundiata

Updated: Jun 2, 2018

FESTIVAL SUNDIATA 2018: BLACK ARTS FEST at Seattle Center 6/16 & 17

Our friend Derrick attends every sewing circle at FAME—moving boxes in and out of storage, setting up and breaking down work stations, carting heavy bags of kits and materials. (He's also our resident expert on placing snaps on shields.) We just can't appreciate him enough! Discover another side of this versatile man when Derrick "The Poet" Charleston performs at Festival Sundiata 2018 on Sunday, June 17th, from 2-3 pm., on the UAE Tent Fisher Roof. Go Derrick!

Here's a 2017 poem Derrick wrote in honor of the Sewing Circle—and what an honor it is.


By Derrick “The Poet” Charleston

Sisters of sewing and a few good men

Come together on 4thSaturdayzz as friends

Where unique bonds are formed

Ironing boards, steam flowing,

Sewing machines…pedals to the metal

Fabric rolling, needles moving up and down

Surround sound

Conversations going down

Different races, genders, religions getting along

The bond is getting strong

The matters at hand

When the little can’t go to school

Because of menstruation

U see, it slows their education

Lowers their self-esteem

Which they are going through a lot anyway

Well, here come the Sisters of Sewing to save the day

With the handmade sanitary kits

To get through…period

Those who went to Cameroon

Telling stories of feeling the spirits

Of our history, our pedigree

Slaver, 200 to 300 ships

Known to have sailed from Cameroon shores

To American doors

In the land of Cameroon, the spiritual pain

Of suffering our ancestors went through

Something is still going on today

Continue to pray

For we shed many tears of others

Some of our own to make us strong

For all the things the little girls go through

Now they have a sense of pride…thanks to all of you


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