Seattle-Limbe Sister City Association
Limbe, Cameroon

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Seattle-Limbe Sister City Association (SLSCA) is a nonprofit citizen outreach network whose mission is to create and strengthen partnerships, promote cultural understanding, and stimulate economic development between Seattle, USA and Limbe, Cameroon. We promote the spirit of people-to-people diplomacy in forging relationships as citizens of a global community. 
Seattle-Limbe Sister City Association has...
  • delivered 4,653 feminine care kits to Limbe and surrounding communities

  • led classes on reproductive health for schoolgirls

  • launched a drive in partnership with Rotary International to provide wells to two community schools

  • trained women in Cameroon to create kits for sale and distribution

  • organized exchanges, humanitarian projects, and trips

  • furnished books and magazines to the Limbe Public Library

  • secured pharmaceuticals for the Limbe Clinic

  • organized a bike tour led by Seattle residents

  • hosted visitors from Cameroon

  • worked with the government of Limbe to improve senior center services

  • welcomed Cameroonians living in Seattle to our community