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Delegations from Seattle to Limbe
Delegations from Seattle to Limbe
2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2020 / 2023

For three consecutive years, SLSCA delegations have traveled to Limbe to deliver 4,653 feminine care kits, teach schoolgirls about reproductive health, and forge relationships between citizens of our sister cities, Seattle and Limbe. While there we have also explored ways to make the feminine care kit project sustainable through women in Cameroon.


As citizen diplomats we meet with government officials, community organizations, and social groups, visit cultural sites, and participate in both private and community events.


Delegations have ranged from ten to twelve people, been intergenerational, and included persons traveling to Africa for the first time. To prepare for each trip all delegates participate in four four-hour orientations over a period of four months. We build a cohesive team, establish expectations, define focus of work, and learn about local customs so that we can act in culturally appropriate ways during our visits.  

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