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Announcement: New Mayor of Limbe, Cameroon


Paul Efome Lisombe Ngale, 43, is the new City Mayor of the Limbe City Council. The

new mayor is described as people-friendly and development-oriented. He was elected

during a session of the Limbe City Council Board, which was convened on March 4,

2022. The session was precipitated by the untimely death on January 5, 2022 of the

former Limbe City Mayor Motanga Andrew Monjimba, with whom Seattle-Limbe Sister

City Association enjoyed a good relationship. Before his election as City Mayor, he was

a City Councillor of the Limbe City Council.

Local law gives a maximum of 60 days for an election in the event of the death of a

sitting City Mayor. Mr. Ngale was presented as the choice of the ruling Cameroon

Peoples Democratic Movement. Three other nominees for the position all declined,

leaving Paul Mbole Ngale alone as the candidate.

The City Mayor said his socio-economic blueprint for the city is to better the lives of

Limbe citizens.

Mr. Mbole Ngale is in his final year as a Political Science Master’s student of the

University of Buea-Cameroon. He holds a BSc in Political Science and Public

Administration from the University of Buea. He obtained a Diploma in Human Resource

Management from Pan-Africa Institute for Development, West Africa (PAID-WA) and

Buea- Cameroon.

Mr. Mbole Ngale is married to Ms. Sally Namondo Tome epse Ngale, a journalist/senior

staff at Buea Council and is described as a great family man. He is a member of the

Mount Zion Bible Fellowship in Mutengene.


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