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Sad News: Death of Limbe City Mayor, Andrew Monjimba Motanga

It is with great sadness we announce the death of Limbe city's mayor, Andrew Monjimba Motanga on January 5, 2022. Elected in February 2020, he led the city by uplifting its cleanliness, cultural richness, and grassroots efforts.

Andrew Monjimba Motanga was born in 1959 in Mokundange, an area in the northern region of Limbe. He was a widower and leaves behind his children and many family and friends to mourn him. He served as Government Delegate from 2009-2020 for the City Council of Limbe. Known at the Town of Friendship, Limbe was honored to be led by Motanga, where he acted as a foremost promoter of peace and civility. He was the organizer of the Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture, or, Limbe FESTAC, and enabled Limbe to serve as a space for a cultural jamboree that uplifted the rich traditions and cultures of Cameroon. Motanga left a great impact on the city as an utmost promoter of sports, setting up a club, Limbe Football Club Association (LIFCA), for the support and development of youth. It was this passion that he continued to carry out until his death, as he worked tirelessly to prepare Limbe to be a host for Africa Cup Nations (AFCON) 2021 before succumbing to illness.

His civility and leadership will be dearly missed.


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