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Delegation Returns!

On March 9th, our group of eight travelers got on a flight to West Africa with 1,801 kits in the cargo hold. We traveled through Benin and Togo and have some great adventures to share! But much sooner than we expected, we had to curtail our kit distribution and work on getting home in the face of the rapidly progressing coronavirus. (And that's another story to share.)

Alfreda has sent this message in an email to our sewing circle friends: "We are all safely back from Benin and Togo, in good health and slowly recovering from jet lag.  I hope this also finds you and your families doing well and adjusting to our current circumstances.  "In the fell clutch of circumstance..." we managed to provide reproductive health training and distributed kits until school and border closures along with flight restrictions required that we return home.  We are extremely grateful for your support, thoughts and prayers and look forward to rescheduling next year once the threat of the virus has passed."

Sewing circles will resume once representatives at each of our locations have deemed it safe. Check back on the website's sewing circle page for information. And here are some photos until we are together again to share in person...


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